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I’ve been looking at sorting out a proper newsletter, so I can easily reach out to all of you to announce things like SHIPPING, new releases, discounts, etc.

Some of you already received one a while back, about when the Blodmagi collection was released. I wasn’t happy with how it looked though so this time I’ve used another tool.

90% of the text here, as well as the images, are just dummy, but something like this is what you’d be able to expect. What do you think?

(emails would only be sent out like once a month, tops)

While waiting for all the materials to get here so I can start assemble and SHIP, I’ve been looking at things to facilitate the assembly and shipping process. Highlight so far: I’ve figured out how to print automatic shipping labels with address and order number, so I no longer have to write all addresses for hand. This will save a lot of time, and the risk of me writing the wrong address is eliminated! 

this might not sound super exciting but it’s a big deal to me, and it also means that you will get your orders faster!

Anonymous asked:

hello! just wondering how long the blodmagi collection will be available for? my sister wants to ask for the wolf necklace for christmas, and I'd like to know whether to order it now or wait till christmas is closer. Thank you!

hi! it will be available at least until the release of the 2015 spring collection, which is early March probably, so it’s safe to wait!


All preorders have been counted and all files have been laid out and sent off to production, and I’ve ordered gold plated chain for several hundred quid.

The orders ought to be able to start ship out the first week of October, given that everything goes according to plan. I’ve got about a hundred orders to assemble and deliver, with about one to five pieces per order, so I ask you to be patient with me if it takes a while. The people who backed the indiegogo campaign during the summer are the top prio, and after that orders will be shipped in order of the date they were placed.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.





The presale of the AW14 collection BLODMAGI is now open. Until Sept 17, you will get 20% off with the code ‘AW14’ (only applies to item from BLODMAGI). Items from the presale will ship beginning of October.

The presale is unlimited, so do not worry about anything selling out. If you order during the presale, you are guaranteed your item.

A new type of item for this collection is a t-shirt. Depending on the number of pre-orders, they will either be made with good old screen printing (better quality, but requires at least 8 pre-orders in total), or digital print (cheaper set-up costs, will be available even if I only get one single pre-order). T-shirts are available in S to 2XL.

As usual, there’s a flat rate shipping of 49 SEK worldwide (39 SEK within Sweden), and the shipping is free on all orders over 500 SEK (there is a currency converter in the shop if you wonder what this will mean for you)

To those of you who contributed during the laptop-funding-campaign and chose the “two picks from the collection”-perk: I will reach out to you shortly! Thank you so much to everyone for contributing, it’s thanks to you I am now able to pull this off!

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Tomorrow is your last chance to preorder with a discount! The offer ends at midnight tomorrow, Central European Time! (that’s 6pm EDT)

You will still be able to preorder after that, but without the discount.