Right now there isn’t a lot of exciting things to share because all I do is trawling the home improvement stores online catalogues, trying to budget the start of this project. I’ve realized that it’s a bit beyond my scope to try to figure out how much it would cost to renovate the entire house, and it’s also not entirely relevant since that once the more pressing things are finished, I intend to complete it bit by bit over an extended period of time.

The rooms that I am focusing right now are the kitchen and the bathroom, because those are the rooms that need to be done for the house to be habitable.

The kitchen is currently completely gutted, so I need to start from zero – while the bathroom already has walls and floors done (though, both walls and floors are done too poorly for me to be able to put in a bathtub – the house would become uninsurable – so I will have to stick to a shower cabin for now) all actual units like toilets and sinks are yet to be installed.

I have seen enough home improvement tv-shows to know that it’s not a wise idea to go into a project headfirst without doing some proper budgeting, both when it comes to material costs and labour costs, and include a contingency in your budget. How much the contingency should be varies with the project of course, but I’ve set it at 1/6 of the entire budget. Luckily I’m a massive g*damn nerd who likes to make spreadsheets of things.

Budgeting materials and objects is the easy part because you can just look it up online, but it’s harder to figure out the labour costs. It includes finding contractors, describing your project, and asking for a quote. Preferrably asking several contractors for the same project so that you can compare the quotes. All of which gives me some pretty severe anxiety. I’ve found a site called Brabyggare which helps you with the process and I think I’ll submit a request during the week – because time is really moving quickly! I get the keys to the place next week!!

Here is a moodboard of sorts that I’ve made for the kitchen. I know I already made those sketches in the ikea tool, but since the choices in that are of course limited to what products you can find at ikea, I couldn’t get it exactly how I wanted.

Neutrals plus wood, green, and brass
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