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While it’s still about two weeks until I get the keys to the house, and another two weeks after that at least until I can actually live there, I’m trying to do the most of my time by planning the interior. One of the big things that need doing is the entire kitchen. I’ve lusted after a kitchen with subway tiles, open shelving, and a belfast sink for years and now I can finally probably get it? Settling on a style though is just so hard! One second I’m certain that a white subway tile will be the best thing, and the other second I’m seeing a gorgeous kitchen with green square tiles and this amazing floral wallpaper (the specific kitchen I’m talking about is Elsa’s Café in Karlskrona. I’ll take a picture next time I’m there so you can see it)

Sigh. Why is making a decision so hard? Either way, I’ve been using IKEA’s kitchen planner to figure out the layout of the room (I made sure to take all measurements last time I visited the house), and to see just what I can squeeze in.

Not too bad, right? The space between the sink and the fridge-freezer houses a built in dishwasher. The area on the right that is left completely empty will be used entirely for storage. I’m going to get several sections of IKEA’s “Ivar” shelving system, and use it as a pantry, storage for table ware, and also laundry. I’ll cover the walls with beadboard, and put in french doors between the nook and the main kitchen. I wish IKEA’s tool included Ivar, but the selection of products appear to be pretty limited.

Before I get started with any renovations I will have to make a budget so the costs don’t spiral out of control, but right now I can still dream limitlessly. Oh, and of course I’ve made a pinterest board to collect inspiration for the kitchen.


I’ve also been thinking about what kind of floor I would like, and there is just something about a solid wooden floor. It’s also the kind of floor that would probably have been in the kitchen of a house like this originally. This specific floor is “DalaFloda HardPine Granite“. We’ll see if I can afford it, or something similar.

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