Today’s hyperfixation: dehumidifiers

The biggest issue that is also in the most urgent need of solving, is the water damage in the crawl space. The space is generally super humid, and water is somehow leaking in from the outside. Not even the surveyperson I hired could entirely figure out how the water made its way in.

There are two main parts to fixing the crawl space

  1. Repairing and replacing the beams and boards that have started to rot
  2. Insulating and then installing a humidifier and proper ventilation

These two will together eat up a generous chunk of my overall budget, so it’s also important from an economic point of view to get them done first so I know how much I have for the rest of the project.

The dehumidifier I am leaning towards is called Trygghetsvakten and is essentially a sensor combined with heating cables that work much like the kind of equipment you use when installing underfloor heating – the main difference being that this will go in the roof of the crawl space and the sensors will make sure that it’s only activated when needed. The product costs between 4990 sek and 34375 sek depending on the size of the space and how powerful it needs to be – some of the models are even suitable for basements with really bad smells, radon, methane and soil bacteria.

Exactly which of the models I need, and how much it will cost to have it installed, I don’t know yet.

In the meanwhile I’m considering one of these things to keep track of the temperature and humidity around the property

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