Planning a bathroom

One of the first things that needs to be finished in the house so that I can actually move in and stop squatting at my mother’s is a functioning bathroom. When i bought the house, there was a small downstairs loo with a working sink, but that was it. The previous owner had prepared work on a bathroom, but never actually finished it, so it’s been up to me to make sure I get it to a place where it’s actually usable.

The previous owner had bought (but not installed) a toilet and a sink, and I purchased a shower cubicle, washing machine, and a towel drying rack. I ideally wanted a bathtub, but because of space restrictions and because the bathroom walls haven’t been done to code for a bathtub, I went with a cubicle.

After having had a plumber on site, it turned out I would have to rethink the layout. The major problem was that the foundation of the house had such thick walls it would be really hard to get the plumbing into the corner where I wanted the toilet. It also turned out to be very very cramped because the washing machine took up far more space than I had anticipated. Last but not least, there also used to be a window on that left wall that I want to bring back, and that would put the sink right below it, which isn’t ideal if you’re vain like me and absolutely need a mirror over your sink.

I wanted the washing machine to stay in the corner just by the door, because I felt that it would be important to have easy access to it since doing laundry is frustrating enough as it is. The shower cubicle also had to stay in its corner because the floor drain had already been placed in that corner bu the previous owner. So what i could move around was the sink and the toilet. I found the best way to plan the space was actually to just drag the items back and forth across the floor until I was happy with the placement. I made sure I could sit on the toilet without bumping my legs on anything, and that the doors below the sink and on the washing machine could open freely.

The layout is a little awkward but I think it’s as good as it gets under the circumstances. The heated towel bar will be placed on the wall over the toilet, and there will be a mirror over the sink. The plumber has been working on my bathroom this week, and if I understood correctly it will actually be done today! I won’t have the time to actually go to the house again until next week, but I am really excited to move in properly soon!

The next things on my to-do list is contacting an electrician to help out so I get some lights and outlets in there, and talking to a carpenter about installing a door and bring out the boarded up window behind the wall. I could potentially do the last two things myself, but it can be a good idea to keep regular contact with the carpenter so I know I haven’t forgotten about him (he was the one who recommended my plumber!)

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